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The world doesn’t need another candle company.

Did our trendy layout catch your eye?

Now that we’ve got your attention with our minimalist branding  and cheeky, self-aware copy, we’d like to talk to you about our product. (And yes, it’s candles).

When you think candles, you probably think “self-care,” bathtubs, relaxing after a long day, and rewarding yourself for acing the presentation. That’s fine. We have no issue with “you earned it” candle culture.

But what about shitty days? Sunburned. Fender bended. Client is pissed at you for no reason. The days you wanna polish off an entire sleeve of Oreos and slam a six pack. What if there were a nicer way to feel better?

Haps candles elevate your mood. They differ from other candles, consisting of a reusable ceramic vessel of your choosing that can be infinitely refilled with any scent you want. The scents are refined, elegant—think bergamot, grapefruit and oakmoss. Textures that waft through your home with the delicate ease of a lover’s kiss. That dance across your conversations and warm your solitude with a spritely, elegant power.

It’s candles, as care. Care for yourself. Care for others. It’s empathy delivered in a wax column. And couldn't we all use a little more empathy? A little more tenderness, more generosity, more uncomplicated delight? More attention paid to the moments, and the people, that let us feel lost in the pleasurable embrace of right now? Maybe the world does need another candle company.

Want to be the first? For a limited time only, get your Haps candle exclusively at FabFitFun and brighten up your mood instantly.