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Sure, the candle smells nice, but its not going to fix that swollen hand..
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Haps compared to other candles of similar quality

Haps: $35 (with subscription) & 55 hour time

Byredo: $90 & 60 hour burn time

Le Labo: $82 & 50 hour burn time

Dyptique: $72 & 60 hour burn time

Do you hate spending big bucks on a candle that you'll throw away? That sucks. With a Haps subscription, you get a tasty, refillable candle for half the price of other brands. Then you keep the vessel for next time. Your first purchase gets 1 beautiful vessel + 1 refillable wax candle in the scent of your choice. Our candles burn for 55 hours and our scent potency is one of the highest out there at 10%, so your home will smell delicious, but not overpowering.

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